Excellent Living in the City Centre: Thee quality residential and commercial buildings with a total of 12 individual residential units and two commercial units.

General information

In the street Heilgeiststraße in the heart of Stralsund’s Old Town, three quality residential and commercial buildings arose. They are representing a contemporary complement to local buildings. These offer space for a total of 12 individual residential units and two commercial units.

All units are distinguished by their individual floor plans, bright rooms, balconies or roof terraces facing the courtyard and comfortable interior to permit a very special living.

The courtyard, facing the southwest, gives a very characteristic “old town-atmosphere”. Here, an elegant architecture adapts with the harmonious colour concept of the historical surroundings. The courtyard accommodates furthermore 12 parking spaces.


A high quality complex of three residential and commercial buildings was created by the Quarter at the corner of the streets Heilgeiststraße and Jacobiturmstraße. When designing the building complex important core principles of the city’s design regulations such as the clear plot division were considered. The area consists out of four individual plots that remain legible in both, the constructive parts and in the facade and roof form.

The external appearance and the building structure fit into the picture of the surrounding houses. Thereby, the particular small parts appearance of the other buildings of the street were taken into account.  This can be seen by the number of floors of the building complex or to the façade’s accents which address the “historical significance” of the individual streets. Viewed from the outside, the complex looks like three individual houses, which, however, are by architectural skill linked inside and have one common courtyard. There, 12 parking spaces can be accessed through a single gate entrance from the Jacobiturmstraße.

The Quarter in the center of Stralsund’s Old Town offers a total of 12 individual residential units in sizes ranging from about 65 to 150 sqm and two commercial units. The ground floor of the Heilgeistraße is used as office open to the public. Here, there is an internal link between the ground floor and the above located floor.

In the upper floors and attics there are 12 high-quality apartments of which are each is equipped with south-facing balconies or roof terraces. The upper floors are accessible via two separate staircases, each with a lift.

Layout and Prices

Ground Floor

Business 1: 18.66 m2
Business 2: 113.75 m2

First Floor

Business 3: 159.74 m2
W 1.1 – 3-room apartment: 81.76 m2
W 1.4 – 4-room apartment: 93.75 m2

Second Floor

W 2.1 – 2-room apartment: 65.05 m²
W 2.2 – 3-room apartment: 83.33 m²
W 2.3 – 4-room apartment: 96.37 m²
W 2.4 – 4-room apartment: 94.08 m²

Third Floor

W 3.1 – 2-room apartment: 64.60 m²
W 3.2 – 3-room apartment: 83.02 m²
W 3.3 – 4-room apartment: 96.61 m²
W 3.4 (Maisonette 1) – 4-room apartment: 115.71 m²

Fourth Floor

W 3.4 (Maisonette 1) – 4-room apartment: 115.71 m²
W 4.2/3 – 4-room apartment: 144.24 m²

Fourth/Fifth Floor

W 4.1 (Maisonette 2) – 3-room apartment: 78.47 m²

 Total space flats + business ca. 1389 m²

First impression of the building

HGS Ansicht Heilgeiststraße

HGS Ansicht Jakobiturmstraße

HGS Ansicht Hof Richtung Norden

Location and surrounding area

Stralsund, this beautiful Hanseatic city in northeastern Germany belongs to the part Western Pomerania of the state Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and is located at the Strelasund, a strait of the Baltic Sea between the mainland and the island of Rügen. Due to its location, the Hanseatic city is called the gateway to the island of Rügen. The fourth largest city in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is the district town of the administrative district Vorpommern-Rügen and has about 57,500 residents.

The old town with its numerous historical buildings and most valuable testemonies of Brick Gothic belongs to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site since the year 2002 and bears the title Historic Centres of Stralsund and Wismar.

A symbiosis of modern and traditional architecture grants Stralsund its charm and offers numerous cultural attractions.

The building complex at the corner Heilgeiststraße and Jacobiturmstraße is located in the heart of Stralsund’s old town near the St. Jacob’s Church. The Stralsund harbour and the promenade practically lie at your feet. The building is located directly on the axis connecting the Ozeaneum on the harbor island and the historic Old Town (market and museum for cultural history). The distance to a new shopping center and the pedestrian zone is just 200 meters, which is less than three minutes walk. Here you will find plenty of shops, doctors, pharmacies, banks and a wide range of cultural activities, such as the theater, the churches and the cinema.

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