Quartier 14

Exclusive apartment in the city centre: “Quartier 14“ consists of three detached houses and two multi-family houses. Those are divided into 11 individual flats and one commercial unit.

Exklusives Wohnquartier Q14 Altstadt Stralsund


“Quartier 14” is a unique and exclusive apartment that is situated in the middle of the city centre in Stralsund. It was built on the historic foundation wall. The apartment consists of three detached houses and two multi-family houses with owner-occupied flats. A total of 11 individual flats with an area of  55 to 170 m², as well as one commercial unit have been built.

All buildings are characterised by its bright rooms, individual ground plan, classy materials and comfortable equipments. The courtyard gives a very characteristic ”old town – atmosphere”, where elegant architecture adapts with a harmonious colour concept of the historic environment.

The property is ideal for those who emphasises a central residential area and a healthy living and working area with low heating costs. The hanseatic town with all its various offers and the good infrastructure is on the doorstep.



House 1: ca. 112 m²
House 2: ca. 87 m²
House 3:  ca.161 m²


Business ca. 67 m²
Apartment 1: ca. 87 m²
Apartment 2: ca. 87 m²
Apartment 3: ca. 77 m²

Wasserstraße House 1

Apartment 1: ca. 62 m²
Apartment 2: ca. 55 m²
Maisonette 1: ca. 109 m²

Wasserstraße House 2

Maisonette 1: ca. 93 m²
Maisonette 2: ca. 97 m²

Total flats + trade approx. ca. 1095 m²

Lageplan Wohnquartier 14 Altstadt Stralsund

Wohnquartier Q14 Südansicht Mauerstraße

Ansicht Innenhof Quartier 14


The building was constructed to meet the highest requirements. Therefore, large windows, high ceilings and big doors were built in order to obtain light-flooded rooms. The apartments are equipped in a modern and luxurious way including electronic controlled underfloor heating in every living space and additional wall radiators in the bathroom. The beautiful wooden windows are triple-glazed and offer perfect noise and heat insulation. The ground is covered with light parquet and in the spacious bathrooms beautiful and modern tiles were used.

A continuous air exchange and a healthy indoor temperate is created by a controlled ventilation system of the living spaces. Heat recovery from the outgoing air minimises the loss of energy. The apartment and commercial building is equipped with a passenger lift.

Additional Equipment

Energy efficiency after EnEV 2009, large windows, optimal safety, a large entrance area, bright living room, separate guest toilette, spacious bathroom with tub and shower, and lift.

Location and surrounding area

The building “Quartier 14” as an exclusive apartment is situated in the historic city centre, nearby the harbour. It is surrounded by the streets “Wasser-, Mauer- and Badenstraße”. The building is situated between the Ozeaneum (which is at the harbour) and the market square.

The harbour of Stralsund is ideal for sailing and is on the doorstep. The distance to the new shopping mall and the pedestrian area is 600 meters, which is only five minutes by foot.  There you can also find various stores, doctors, pharmacies and a broad cultural offer like the theatre, churches and a cinema.